Some applications' windows don't show up

Hi all,

I've got a bizarre problem with windows of some applications like AvaFind (instant file finder) and Zend Controller (Zend Server utility). When I launch these apps their buttons are present on the taskbar but their windows just don't show up, like they were invisible.:mad: Tried a couple of things including reinstalling these apps and bringing back themes and all that aero stuff (which I have disabled by default) but nothing helps. Plus these apps were running correctly at some point in the past. Dunno what happened, maybe it's something with these windows dimension/position settings (is there a config or registry entry in Win7 where these settings are stored?). Would be great to hear your ideas.:razz:

Thanks in advance

PS. If that helps my comp is Acer Aspire 7535G lap, with ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 gpu, Win7 Home Premium installed.

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