Some confusion over Sapphire HD 5770

Heya doods!

Just bought a new rig and installed Windows 7 32bit version. I was recently messing around with different drivers and stuff to make the system work like it should. So almost everything seems to be okay except one thing: the graphics card. Well, actually two things, the monitor is acting kinda weird too, i assume that may be caused by the GPU also.

So, I got GIGABYTE P55-UD3, Inte i5, 4GB DDR3, Sapphire 5770 (New edition). Thanks to some knowledge and manual/guide reading ability got all the drivers properly installed. But the problem is that when running CPU-Z, the information about the graphics card is abnormally minimal.

I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be like that. So I was wondering here, if anyone got some ideas what could it be?

And the second generally small but annoying issue, like i said, is the monitor. I'm using Samsung P2350: 23inch, 1920x180, 60 Hz, 32bit color quality. Though it's a decent monitor, the image and video quality isnt at its top. I mean the color transition isn't smooth at all. For example, if i look at a simple picture with white-to-black transition, I see the transition to be kinda linear.. you know, like a low quality image. Same stuff with the videos, shitty color transition and image is 'squarey' also.
As I mentioned, all the display and GPU drivers are up and running.

So that's what I'm confused over. Hoping to get some help, because I'm totally out of ideas at the moment.


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