Some program's icon text missing in Windows 7

Hi All,

I have this very odd problem in Windows 7 Ultimate, where all the other users except my main user's icon / button text has disappeared, as per the screen shots below:

The first account I setup is still fine, but all the other accounts is giving me this problem. And it only happens on some programs.

The Laptop is a Lenovo G530, with 4GB DDRII RAM, 2.2Ghz Intel Celeron CPU, Intel G5400 graphics card


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Have you tried system restore?

Well, no offense, but restore to what / when? The laptop only had 1 user for the past 2 weeks (when I installed it from scratch) and I added the new users 2 days ago.


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What do you mean by 'no offence' and then give me a negative rating?

To answer your query, isn't there a system restore point when you made the new accounts? I assume the accounts were ok to start off with otherwise you wouldn't have carried on using them......
Perhaps if you could actually include the screenshots it may be of further help?

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@kemical ,

There is no restore point. IMO System restore point FSCK a lot more than it's worth. Any, and every new account (even if I create one right now) does the same. So, it wasn't working fine.

And I'd hate to format & reinstall if there's a simple fix.

P.S. I clicked on the No button next to "Did you find this post useful", since I didn't find your reply useful. Do you run system restore for everything?


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Nope but thought it would help in this instance..

Try running the system file checker.
Rightclick on cmd prompt and run as admin. The type:

sfc /scannow

then hit enter. It will then cycle through repairing anything it finds amiss.


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Hello, I think I have the same problem. My missing text isn't icons tho but through out the whole system. Some programs are working fine but others have the missing text. Yahoo IM runs but the buddy list shows messed up icons but no text for them is 1 example. Another is the System Restore runs but the restore points list isn't showing and also the buttons are blank. Problem is in my main account and a test account, its in safe mode. I have no idea what I did to cause this. I'm also on a lenova laptop Z61m so I suspect Lenova hardware and a 7 settings are the key to it. Any help greatly apprecited.

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