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Hi, Im new around here and I am not really good with computers/techinical stuff so I got some questions to ask. Would appreciate it if people around here are willing to help me. The thing is that recently, I found out that I qualify for some MSDNAA thingy and could get to download Windows 7 RTM for free. However, I am afraid I would screw up and kill my laptop. So here are some questions I need answered before I decide whether to install it:
1. Whats a RTM version? (does it have some expiry or some limitations, either due to RTM or by MSDNAA?)
2. Can I use a 64 bits version (processor is T7300) and are there risks to using a 64 bits rather than 32 bits (My laptop is kinda old and only has 2gb of ram)
3. I do not have a Windows Vista disk (my laptop came with a manufacturer disk that kinds of ghost/clone everything when I need to reformat) Would I be unable to use that disk any more to reformat once I install Win 7?. Anyone can help me on this? (this is 1 of the main considerations I have about trying to install Win 7)

Thanks in advance to those who try to help me

1. RTM means it's released to manufacturing so it's perfectly ok to use.
2. Yes, your processor is 64bit capable but there might not be 64bit drivers available for all your system components. Windows 7 does seem to have a high compatibility rate for drivers though so you should be just fine. Whatever else you need you should be able to get from vendor sites.
3. Those discs vary in what they can do, I wouldn't trust it to be able to re-install Vista if Windows 7 doesn't suit. It would be better to dual-boot W7 with Vista until you are ready to make the change. Perhaps if you have a second hard drive or if you have enough room on your existing disc then you can partition off a 20-30 gig section to install W7, using something like EASEUS Partition manager. An easy guide to dual-boot Vista/W7 can be found here.

Good luck!


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Alright thanks. I got a external hard disk that should have sufficient space. (think ill just copy out the things inside first before partitioning it.) I am also not sure what the disk does. I jsut had to insert the disk and reboot the PC with it inside and it would bring me to a screen asking me whether I want to reformat my disk or something inside. If I click yes, it would ghost the software over.

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