Windows 7 Some Serious Windows 7 Help, Please!


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Jun 5, 2009
Hi recently installed windows 7 on my brand new pc as my primary and only operating system , was working for about two hours, installing all my drivers and so on . The problem I think stems from the partitions I tried to create using the built in windows 7 software, anyway a hour later I restarted my computer and got a lovely message saying "bootmgr not available" . I first tried to use my win 7 disk and also got another error saying that there were resources that wearnt available or something along those lines... I also tried to use the repair feature of the win 7 ISO but it said it could not automatically repair the problem . Should I re-download the iSO except i dont see anything wrong with the iso to begin with because it installed perfectly
And living in South africa we are very bandwidth limited so anything i could to get my PC up and running and i will be extremely happy!
Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated, thank you...
Sounds like a iso fail. Praps a virus slipped into the iso file.

Try redownloading it. But try a different version.

What version are you downloading and where from.

If its RC from microsofts site then theres a error in the download and just try again.

If its a torrent try a different place. Try looking for the build 7201 thread. You can get a link to download Build 7201 with no viruses and pretty fast download.
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