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Brecht Derwael

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Hi, I have some small questions. (Grey means solved)
Can the key repeat speed of my keyboard be increased beyond the maximum of the slider?
Is there a way to stop Windows Live Messenger to be active on my bar, even when the window isn't open, and instead move it to the active processes in the lower right corner like all other good programs?

Is there a way to tweak the cursor jump with using mousekeys more precisely, in terms of pixels, because the slider just doesn't do it for me?
Is there a way to stop the other windows closing when I shake a window?
Is there a way to stop windows resizing when I drag them to the edge of the screen? The option in the configuration settings is already turned off, but it's still doing it.

Is there a way to stop dwm.exe from running, even though the fancy effect is turned off.
Is there a way to reset my internet connection more easily? Right now I need to go to network center, LAN-connection, turn it off (for some reason this closes the window, so I can't enable it easily), click on the red x in network center opening the problem solver, wait a bit, get insulted by windows thinking I'm an idiot, skip that step, wait a bit more, enable network adapter thingy, and when the internet connection is restored, I close the problem solver before it notices that it has resolved the problem.

I'm one of those guys that works more efficiently with the windows Vista setup of the start-bar. So I tweaked it so I have a quicklaunch, I see all active processes, the same program windows won't collapse and such, I hated having to click twice as much to do the same thing, nor could I stand the mess created.
But if you can resolve any of my requests, I'd be a happier man. :)

Thank you in advance

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Hello and welcome to the forums :)

I don't have much time now but on a quick skim over, I can help you with two things:

By right clicking the Messenger icon on your desktop/startmenu and selecting "properties" you can set it to Vista compatbility mode which WILL put the icon in the lower right as opposed to the super bar.

And you can disable dwm.exe by opening the start menu and typing "services.msc". From here, find "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager", right click into properties and select the startup type as "disabled".

Hope these two tips helped and others should be able to help out with some of these too :)


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If don't exist just add
;35 Stop Aero Snap glueing Windows to screen edges
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


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Is there a way to stop the other windows closing when I shake a window?

Disable Aero Shake:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Is there a way to stop windows resizing when I drag them to the edge of the screen?

Disable Aero Snap:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

Brecht Derwael

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Another thing: I'm quite a heavy multitasker, and I want to arrange my windows in my start-bar. The problem is that several windows of the same program are grouped together, like windows explorer and multiple windows of firefox. It would be handier if for example I could drag the folder of my Minecraft worlds to my minecraft game, the folder of my recordings to my video editing program, etc. Is it possible?