Some WAV files won't play in W7


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I've just installed the new Windows 7 and am having problems with some .wav files not playing. The ones in question are information announcements (ie that anti-virus protection has updated) that are set up by non-Microsoft programs. The one I noticed first was when the Avast ant-virus protection program updates it announces it with a sound message. These won't play in Windows Media Player but will play in VLC Media Player. I've tried changing the default player for .wav files to VLC but I still don't get the verbal announcement. My previous OS was XP and I had no problems with these files in that system.

Thanks for any advice.

Just to clarify you have an Anti-virus program that plays a verbal message after updating, now this doesn't work in Windows 7? Do other WAV files play in Windows 7? And how old is the program you are talking about, it may just be that its not compatible with Windows 7.


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Thanks for responding to my question Jack. Much to my embarrassment it seems to be working OK now. Before, when I tried playing some wav files they just played silently but, for this file anyway, it seems to be OK now.

I'm glad the problem has been resolved!

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