Someone please help me resolve the system sound issue :(


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Hi All,

I badly need some advise from experts here on the problem I am facing with sound on my laptop. I have tried everything I can but to no avail. Please please help me resolve this issue.

I recently had to reinstall my operating system. For some strange reason, the sound icon on my system tray is always with a 'red cross' and says, "No audio output device is enabled". When I click on it, it starts downloading sound driver and starts working on successful installation of the driver. But when I reboot my machine it comes to the same stage and works only on installing the driver again.

What all have I tried, and failed :(
1. Tried installing IDT sound driver from dell website.
2. Tried installing creative sound blaster software.
3. Tried installing realtek driver (someone advised on internet)

Below is some information about my machine:
1. OS - Win 7 Home Premium - SP1
2. Dell studio 15 laptop
3. Sound card: dont know

Dell support is useless and is not able to help me. I need some serious advise.

Please ask me if you need any other information from me.



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You don't say which stuido 15 you have but it appears from the Dell website that the driver here is common:

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Its studio 1555 and I have downloaded the IDT driver from dell's website like 10 times. But it doesnt seem to resolve my problem


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When you right click the speaker icon and select playback devices, do your speakers show and checked as default?

If you plug in a headset, does it make a difference?


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you can find the sound card information by going to
in the search box type

click yes on the box prompt that may appear

clikc on the sound tab

try the windows update for the sound driver,

usually its within the "optional " section to download,


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The first thing I would try at this point is to uninstall the sound card (not physically) and reboot your computer.

Go to Control Panel, System, Device Manager.
Find Sound, video and game controllers.
Right click on the Audio Card and click uninstall.

Reboot your computer and let Windows 7 re-detect, and install, your card and find the drivers for it.
If it prompts you to locate the driver point it to the one from Dell.
I've seen this several times on Dell computers, I don't have a clue why they have a problem with the sound.

I know this sounds weird but it that doesn't work try unplugging the speakers from the computer and plugging them back in.
I spent several hours trying to get the sound working on a friends Dell, after he updated to Windows 7.

Nothing would get it to work, in desperation I pulled out all the wires and plugged them back in again.
It started working and has worked ever since.



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When I right click to playback devices, it does not show my speakers. It just shows Digital Audio (HDMI), i dont know what does that mean?


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I did exactly what u said, I uninstall the IDT driver and then reboot my machine. Windows automatically installed the High definition audio device after the reboot. But when I again boot my machine, it comes back to square one, the sound icon has got a RED CROSS and it says "No Audio Output Device Enabled"!! Fyi, I have a laptop with built in speakers, hence I cant unplug them...


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I am sure some of us are looking at your response and trying to understand why your speakers would not show up.

Until some more research, you might right click the window and see if any devices are disabled. If that isn't it, perhaps it has something to do with using an optical or digital only output, but I can only guess now.

Edit: You might try plugging in a headset to see if it is recognized and allow the driver to remain installed.

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