Something on Screen, Can't get rid of it

Hi. I was wondering if anyone is familiar the weird object on the bottom right of my screen. It seems to have no effect, apart from bothering me. It cannot be clicked or selected any way I have found, and it appears overtop of whatever window I open, whether it is just my desktop or my programs. If someone can explain how to get rid of it I would appreciate it!


maybe is a broken gadget?
Is this a legit copy of Windows?

Looks like the remnants of a partially removed watermark from prior to build 7600

It is a legit copy of windows - I bought the computer this summer so Acer sent me a disc to upgrade when windows 7 launched. It didn't appear when I first installed windows, but a couple weeks into my use.

Google a program called Windows 7 Toolkit 1.8 and try the watermark removal feature.


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Is the gadget related to the display. Did you do an in-place upgrade from Vista?


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I come across this problem quite often, it's caused by the Network Selection/whatever box. When you hove over a network it shows the information but when you move your mouse elsewhere, the shadow from the info box remains. The only way to get rid of it is to restart explorer.
You might be able to prevent it by going to control panel>>System and Security>>System>>(left hand pane) Advanced system settings>>(Performance) Settings>>Uncheck "Show shadows under Windows, Fade or Slide ToolTips into view, Fade or Slide menus into view, Fade out menu items after clicking
Click OK through both windows.

hope this helped :D

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