something really strange and i need help

May not be improtant that you know about crysis.

Okay I am not a tech wiz, but im learning slowly I was busy trying to mod crysis by merging level files.
When out of the blue my block thing (that bar that goes at the top i dont know what its called but it looks cool and pop up when i move my cursor up) is gone and also basicaly all my icons for programs on the taskbar, shortcuts on desktop and all programs have been swaped with a pieces of paper and a picture of crysis.
Why did this happen and how can i solve it???

also to add when i clicked on any of them it would try launch the game even though when i inspected the link there was no hint other then the icon that suggested it had any connection with crysis.

i have now uninstalled the game and the problem persist but also the picture of crysis on the paper is now gone and when i click on them the ask what program to use.

and another thin when i went onto my guest account there was no hint of any of these problems at all

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great on extra problem now is task manger only shows a simple box and the program running no tabs or anything
what the hell is going on someone help me plz sob.....

one microsoft word document and a program called curse for world of warcraft which is used for addon organizastion are the only two program on my desktop and in all program which work and have the correct icon


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As far as the icons, can you right click on one and set the default program back to want it needs to be?

Task Manager has a small footprint mode. I think you need to double click somewhere on the window to get it back to normal.

Thanks for your question, I did not know I could set the drag arrow on the top or bottom then click, rather than dragging, and get the window to go full vertical mode.

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the task manager has been solved but when i tryed to open windows meadia centre with it self it worked but now all of the paper has a media player picture on it and now when i click them it opens up media centre HELP!!!

also when i try to change the icon by going into propoties it dosent show that the program is any differnt exsept for the icon. i can choose to change the icon but when i apply it dosent do anything.

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Untitled.png this is a picture of my desktop see if this help at all it also shows a program which i looked at the prop


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Can you do a restore back before you started having problems?

If not, try resetting all the default programs, assuming it works. Try right clicking on the Paint entry and see if it looks like the attachment

Last option would be a repair install.

Are you willing to say what you did exactly to get you in this situation?

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at first i was playing crysis in 32 bit the i found out i can play it in 64 i played it for a bit. an error occured which said something about the f drive. i have this a few time while playing crysis and it tended to get fixed after it clicked try agian to read disk, when i did this it would go out of full screen so i would have to change the settings back.

my paint look the same exsept for the icon but also i cannot find the compability mode on prop. my mate told me to look for this but i do not have it.

i have since installed advance system care and scanned and fixed and also scan with mcafee and windows defender and the problem is still not solved.


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Can you do a system restore?

Do you have an F: drive setup for your programs and possibly corruption is being caused by a problem accessing it? Could the drive be going out?

Crysis is a very intense game as far as graphics. If you do not have it on a fast drive, it might cause problems.

It sounds to me like you trashed the registry, but not sure. Did the utilities you used correct the registry?

i cant system restore sadly
my computer is very good for crysis i have a i7 6gb or ram and 1gb nivida graphics card
and i have installed avg and it has found a trojan but i still have the problem
how do i go about correcting the registry

edit: i also used advance system care

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I do not know if you can restore the registry.

You might try one more thing. Open an administrative command prompt and type the following:

sfc /scannow

Hit enter and wait for it to finish.

If that finds no errors, the only other thing I could suggest is to do a Repair Install, where you start the install process from within Win 7 and choose and upgrade rather than a custom install. It will rebuild your install the leave programs intact.

You may want to wait to see if anyone else has an idea, but think about it.

how do i Open an administrative command prompt


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Try this link for restoring icons:

How To Rebuild Icon Cache In Windows 7 To Repair Icons

In answer to the above question.. Rightclick on cmd prompt and choose to run as admin. Then type in the cmd Saltgrass gave you..


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Type cmd in the start menu search box, then hit CTRL+Shift Enter. You can also find the command prompt in Accessories and right click and choose "Run as Admin"..

windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them
details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs|CBS|CBS.log. for example

what now??


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Try Kemical's suggestion about the icon cache.

If that doesn't work, look in the CBS log, at or near the end to see what files may be corrupted. When you look at it you will see where the problem files are shown. You might have to copy it to the desktop to open it.

okay it keeps saying acess is denied
secondly how can i go about " Repair Install, where you start the install process from within Win 7 and choose and upgrade rather than a custom install"
thirdly kemical suggestion didnt work sadly
and finaly my friend suggested it may be a problem with compabilty mode which could make sence becuase i ran crysis in 64 bit
and i cant find compabilty in prop. only prob with that is my comp is 64 bit


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I have run Crysis in both modes without problems. It depends on how you start it, or which icon that goes to the x64 mode.

What is saying "access denied"? If you are referring to the CBS log, copy it to the desktop then open it with notepad, or wordpad, or Word.

Repair install is while running Win 7 you insert the install DVD. It should autostart and start the install. Pick your language, select install, then upgrade. You may have to reactivate after doing this. Once again, if you want to wait, use your discretion.

Maybe the CBS log will tell us how much corruption you are showing in your system.

its very long to say the least
adn will i lose any data if i repair install


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Look at the last 15 lines or so. The log should show a date and/or time you can use to pin down the problems.

Post the last 15 or 20 lines and we can look at it.

A repair install should keep everything you now have. But as with any other operation, backup prior to performing. If you have a spare hard drive, or an external drive, you can use Win 7 Backup and Restore to create an image of your current install. If something goes wrong you could restore that image back to what you have now.

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