Sony VAIO + Acer Monitor = Major display problems.


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Hi all, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

First, my system information:

Windows 7, 64-bit, SP1
Sony VAIO VPCEB11FD laptop
ACER P236H monitor

I originally had the monitor connected via standard VGA cables. I now have a HDMI to DVI connector, which I bought to try and correct the problem outlined below.

The Problem:

My display driver and/or shockwave flash will freeze up if I have too many windows open that are running video.

Specifically, I'll open multiple windows in YouTube or other video sites to let movies load before watching them.

Invariably, my system will completely freeze, although not shut down or restart. No BSOD.

After a few minutes (sometimes 1, sometimes 10) it will resume again.

Sometimes, but not always, flash will crash. Other times (but not always) I'll get a message that my display driver has stopped responding.

One thing that is a constant... the VAIO care updater tells me that the HD display drivers need updating... but when I run the installer, it fails. Every time.

I've tried installing the HD display driver directly from Sony, with no luck.

This problem NEVER happened before I bought the external display. Even now, if I remove the display and do the same things using the laptop display only (when I'm travelling, for example) and the problem never arises.

Now, with the HDMI to DVI cable, even if I'm running only one video at a time, if I enlarge it to full screen it plays smoothly for a few moments, but then eventually gets very choppy, very quickly.

Any suggestions or solutions would be much appreciated.


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