Sony VAIO dosn't support W7, and keeps freezing.

Hi, New here so i'm hoping I can get some help!

I have recently installed Windows 7 on a Sony VAIO VGN-NR20E with vista drivers because Sony doesn't support W7 on it. Every thing was going fine until I realized that every so often my hard drive activity light goes solid and the computer freezes. with the resource monitor open at this time, the Read/Write goes to nothing and it is like this for about a minute. I have tried everything I can and looked all over the internet, but no luck. is there any place at all that I can get Windows 7 Drivers, including ones fro the chipset and the Fn keys. if not is there any way at all that I can fix this? I'm also given this at a performance scoring:

Thanks in advance!

I have tried both of your links and the second one just talks about sony netbook. the bing one brought up a page that has VAIO VGN drivers, but not the ones for my specific model.

SONY drivers

Believe it

I talked to Sony support, and they blithely read the corporate line which was basically "tough luck, we fooled you -- ha, ha" about my Sony desktop. I boght it in late 2003, is that past the useful life of PCs these days. I thought a 2.8 Ghz 1.5Gb memory Intel processor would be golden for longer than that.

Since the Windows 7 Adviser says the the motherboard kernel streaming driver isn't supported, my guess is that may the reason nav13eh's disk light goes solid. What were the results when you ran it?

When I ran the upgrade advisor, everything came back good except for a few programs and my tv tuner. I will attach the file containing the report.

Hi. I installed Win7 on a VGN-NR140E and had the same problem. After finding your multiple posts about this, downloaded the Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 for win7 from the intel site and installed it. My Vaio have been running almost non-stop for the last 24 hours without a single freeze. The drivers you need are contained in that package. Dont worry about the RAID problems you have read about, you are not using RAID after all and that part of the package wont affect you. The IMSM 8.9 should update your SATA controller. I'm not 100% sure that the problem is gone, but if it's not i'll just restore the point created before the instalation of IMSM. As i said before, so far everything is running fine. Cheers.

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Really good help

i had the same problem even though my laptop was made for windows 7, I called sony and asked them what the problem was and they told me to type msconfig on the search bar on start, then open up the service tab and click on hide all microsoft services, click on disable all, and then go to the start up tab and disable all the programs, finally restart the laptop and it should stop freezing. if it still continues to freezing then check this website given to me by sony.

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