[SOPHOS] The 2011 #DecoDeme challenge - the final, official version


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The final, conference-ready code for the #decodeme challenge is here.

Each year, at the AusCERT conference, Sophos publishes a challenge in the form of a T-shirt. Visit the Sophos stand and you can pick up a T-shirt for yourself.

Solve the challenge and you're on your way to winning a remote controlled tank. You can read up on how to win here, or ask us when you pick up your shirt.


This year's puzzle fairly easy, as you've only got until 14:30 on Monday 16 May 2011 to solve it. Even a brute-force attack on the keyspace needs fewer than 500,000 tries. With a suitable dictionary, the search space drops below 5000. If you assume that the answer includes at least one four-letter English word, your search space drops to about 1000.


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