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My windows 7 recently updated and now I'm having problems. I have read multiple forums about this problem but when I try what they say, nothing happens. It goes through its usual start up but right before it gets to the Windows logo it tells me that my files may be corrupted and gives a choice of repair mode (recommended) or start normally. If I start normally it goes to windows logo screen, waits for about a minute or two, then blue screens and restarts. If I safe mode it (along with multiple choices in the safe modes) it goes to windows logo and then blue screen restart. If I try repairing from hard drive it goes black then to a default background and doesn't do anything. I then try from disc. I try repairing it but it goes to a default background and then nothing. I then try to reinstall. That brings up a preparation background then stops. I did find that when I play press the W, R, or Enter keys causes a reaction but to a small degree. I have tried almost everything. My hardware is fine and the bios says everything's fine. I have to hard drives, 1 is 1 TB, the other is 2 TB. 1 TB is Western Digital, 2TB is Itachi. The Itachi is my main one with OS. The western digital was my main but crashed. I try to take my Western out but the repair modes won't run right. I'm clueless at this point. Do I need a different windows 7 disc to try repair? Is there a special program I should try. Note: I cannot get to desktop and am posting this from a friends laptop. Please any help would be nice. Thank you.


Press F8 before windows (same as getting into safe mode),
this time press "Disable Automatic Restart".

This will stop the BSOD auto restarting, instead requiring a keypress.

Once your on the BSOD screen, what is the stop code?
Stop codes can look like : 0x0000000000. (there may be multiple ones, give me all that are on the screen)

The stop code can determine if its a software fault or hardware fault :)

You can try using google to find the solution to the stop code, or just post it here.


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Hi kalwiggy1, welcome to the forums.
Use the windows Recovery Environment (either by pressing and holding the F8 key or by booting to the installation media (Win7 DVD).
From the repair options choose System Restore and pick a date (point in time) prior to the issue first occurring.

Insomniac: My stop code is 0x000000ED.

Trouble: I'm gonna try that in a second. Whenever I try to boot anything through the Win7 DVD it only gives me the option what to choose then stops.


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Could you explain how you installed the OS on the 1 TB drive after the other one crashed? Did you leave both drives in when you reinstalled?

The 0ED seems to mean:

The UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME bug check has a value of 0x000000ED. This indicates that the I/O subsystem attempted to mount the boot volume and it failed.
Not sure if it is talking about the DVD or a hard drive.

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I downloaded it on the 1 TB. I then purchased the Win7 disk after it crashed and loaded it on the 2 TB drive.


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Because of the error message, I will ask, where did you get the Windows 7 DVD. If you burned it yourself, try burning again at a slower speed, and possibly downloading again and burning again.

Normally if a drive is messed up, the boot will be delayed while the bios tries to sort it out. If that is not happening and your system will not boot to the DVD, I have to assume either the DVD is bad or something might be effecting your drive.

What I am thinking is the boot files are on the old drive. That drive has gone bad and keeps you from booting. Taking the old drive out would help, if the new drive had an active partition. But the Startup Repair has a very hard time making a partition active.

The more info about how your system reacts, the better. The system should boot to a bootable DVD unless a hard drive is messing it up. Taking out the old hard drive might at least eliminate that scenario and allow booting to the DVD, but the system may still not boot.

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