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I have a lot of external drives connected to my computer (Windows 7 Ultimate) and am contently connecting and disconnecting external cards and devices and sometimes I have up to 22 connected devices.

When I need to safely disconnect a device and open the "safely remove device" list, the devices are listed in no logical order (image attached) and I have to spend precious seconds searching for the device I need to disconnect. A few seconds are not a lot but it's frustrating doing this many times a day.

Does anyone know a way to have the list sorted either alphabetically or at least in the order they were connected?




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I don't know how to change the list, but not all devices need approval to be removed. The Help and Support section talks about this. There may also be an option in device manager as to how an external device is treated which might make it removal without going through the icon.

Another suggestion might be to open Computer and right click the device and select eject. Also discussed in the help section.


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The Help and Support section talks about this.
Yes, I know. I myself contribute to that section.

My drives are setup for better performance and not quick removal, thus the need for safe removal.

Not all my drives have the eject option in the context menu.

Thanks though.

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