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I have a motherboard with built in sound. The board is P4M900-M4 Ver. 6.2 and from what can tell it has ALC861hd or something close to that. I am trying to install the proper drivers for the sound. This normally would not be a problem not having the drivers. Windows 7 runs the sound just fine. However I want to make sure I have the proper driver because when I was on windows xp I know that there was a control panel for the sound that I have not seen or found with the driver windows 7 is using on its own.

The reason I want to find the right driver is that I want to change the "line-in" port on the computer into a subwoofer output port. I know this can be done because I have done it on this computer under a different OS, XP I think. I tried downloading the drivers from Biostar but when I run the setup it says it can not find the hardware. I have a feeling this has something to do with the fact that this driver was not made for windows 7.

It is either caused by the fact that it is way too late at night to be doing this, or perhaps I am just being stupid tonight but I can not find a windows 7 driver for this sound. But since I am again suffering from insomnia I am trying to work out some of the bugs on my computer. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me on this matter.


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I found a vista driver but no win 7. You might be ok tho.. Try it and if it doesn't want to work then try right clicking on the driver, choose properties, compatibility and then windows 7. Realtek ALC880/ALC882/ALC883/ALC885/ALC887/ALC888/ALC889/ALC260/ALC262/ALC268/ALC272/ALC273/ALC662/ALC663/ALC861 HD Audio Driver 2.18 for Vista Driver for Windows Vista / Windows Vista64 Free Download - Softpedia

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