Sound crackling from speakers

Not sure if this the right forum to put this in, but here goes...

I own an Aspire 8735G Laptop with Windows 7 64 bit.

I haven't owned my laptop very long and have noticed alot of crackling from the speakers (both internal and external).
The soundcard is internal and I have installed the latest Realtek sound driver but it hasn't made any difference.

Is there something I can do? :confused:

Thankyou in advance for any help at all.

Was Win 7 already installed when you bought the laptop?

Does the laptop have the ability to hook up external speakers? If so try those to see if it still crackles.

Also check the advanced options in the sounds to see if bass boost is on or if the treble is too high.

Yes, Windows 7 was already installed when I bought the laptop.
It does have the ability to set up external speakers, I hooked them up at the start and the crackle is equally as bad on them as it is on the internals..
And I have checked the advanced options, the bass boost is unchecked and there is no option for treble.


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I suggest uninstalling the Realtek driver.
go to start>>devmgmt.msc>>Sound, video and game controllers
Right click on Realtek high definition audio, select uninstall. Make sure "Delete the driver software for this device" is checked off
Now restart your computer, windows will re-install a driver, this time it will be "High Defintion Audio Device" by "Microsoft"
This problem happens a lot with RealTek drivers on my clients computers
Hope the helped!


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Which Realtek drivers did you install?

Thankyou for all of your suggestions...
Got chatting to a guy on another forum and he suggested I uncheck items in the startup of windows that I didn't need then test with High Performance on. Anyway, I did that and it worked a treat.
All sorted now.

Thanks again.

This option worked for me

I think I have solved the cackling in my speakers, I read something about the power saving option in windows 7, so I think that when you playing music on your computer it also tries to save energy, however this can play up with the sound card because it can take power away from it. So I went to control panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options >additional plans and changed it to high performance. This has fixed the problem for me no crackling so far.

Hope it works for you


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Thanks for offering help btw as you sound like a professional :cool:.

  1. I too have crackling, intermittent sound, just having upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium after a hard drive clean boot with Acer recovery disks (Acer Aspire 6530 laptop). I noticed I have two audio drivers: ATI High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Definition Audio--is this right please?
  2. Also, audiodg.exe continues to hog memory or whatever when I try to listen to itunes and play on line (browser game, Runescape) and Best Buy said just to disable it, which I do, but then lose my this right?
Thank you for any possible insight:D!

Thanks for being here! :)

Best Buy rofl at them!

1) Install the latest driver:


2) Enable the 2 Windows audio services. Type services.msc in the start menu then hit enter. You can set them to Automatic then start them, here.

3) If the crackling persists, update the bios from

4) If it still persists, disable any cpu throttling that may be happening, in the bios. Boot to Windows and test.

Tell us if this has helped. If not, we can look at latency spike happening and what may be causing them.


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I had some sound crackling problems & i think it was one of you guys who solved it for me. Some of the overclocking software you get for your GPU or CPU throttles your CPU & upon uninstalling the software my problem was fixed :D


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I get crackling in my speakers when I use my computer wirelessly. As long as I am using it with the Ethernet it is quiet. I'm pretty sure the speakers are picking up the wireless signal.

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