Sound disabled Win 7 x64. I need help. Mystery

Hi. I am out of ideas on this one.

Was pretty inmpressed with WIN7 until yesterday:

Yesterday I wanted to try to conect my pc to recently bought TV. So I connected DVI output from my PC into HDMI input in TV. Everything was cool. I tried to connect sound (so it would be coming out of tv- line out PC -> TV ; usual audio jack). No sound, so I though ,maybe it is just me who is retarded and don`t know how to connect properly audio cable, or the cable is wrong etc. So I tried several otrer audio inputs in TV. Didn`t work, so I thought maybe PC audio settings are wrong. I opened audio manager and there were (if I remember now correctly): speakers
and some S/PDIF something. I tried to disable speakers, disable the other option... anyway I was just playing around thinking - if I can disable then I can enable it back after, what is logic I guess. I didnt get any sound so I disconnected PC from TV.

Now, the f^$%#d up part begins:

I connected back my amp to audio out on pc ,started win 7, and WTF I get that speaker icon with white cross saying : "No Audio Output Device is installed" . I also don`t have any sound mixer.

When I run troubleshooting for audio it says audio device is disabled - not fixed.
But it is enabled!! In device manager it is enabled and PC says it`s using it.

I have searched web for almost 24h, I see lot of people have this problem ,I have tried everything ,nothing helps me! I have uninstalled / installed newest drivers ,drivers that came with my PC, Also Microsoft drivers. I have done it in normal, in safe mode, I have reseted CMOS, in bios my onboard audio (realtek) is enabled. I have tried restore on win 7. I have tried everything. The most sick part is:

I have Realtek HD audio shown in my device manager,it shows workting/enabled etc. No exclamation marx or anything! If I uninstall, search for hardware changes, win7 installs it back again in 5 seconds, and it`s there. But I still have that "No Audio Output Device is installed" !!!!! And if I remove cable from line out it says : No speakers or headphones are plugged in". I read that I should disable front side jacks in Realtek sound manager, didn`t help either.

One more question

I HAVE NO IDEA what else to do, all I know I don`t want to format my drive and reinstall my OS.

P.S. I have attached my stupid situation in pictures. If someone could give any idea I haven`t tried before, I would be very very very very thankful. Please



Not a single idea, guys?




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Have you installed the audio drivers from your manufacturer?

If that doesn't do it, all I could suggest is you try to install a legacy audio driver. I think Realtek has some for Windows 7

Hi! Yeah, I`ve tried all kind of drivers. Also exactly for my chipset, newest ones. When I want to chek sound, pressing "test" - nothing happens. "configure" speakers also can not be pressed ( atlhough it`s not greyed out). And the sound mixer ir blank! Under speakers option: Levels are also blank. see attach:


Didnt mention before, but one more sick thing: when I try to install AC ’97 drivers: in installation process it says: begin to install /update AC ’97 drviers... installing for some 5 seconds and then in the same little window says: Begin to remove AC ’97 drivers, and that`s it.



And this is my empty sound mixer:



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You might try "System File Checker".

I always try this before I resort to a Windows re-installation. It almost always fixes any Windows related problem I have.

this is the txt file about erros, after I did wgat you suggested, I have no clue what to do next with this info. Thanks for helping.



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this is the txt file about erros, after I did wgat you suggested, I have no clue what to do next with this info. Thanks for helping.

You have a lot of corrupted Windows files there. I found a little more information. There's a lot more info out there.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - Windows 7 Forums
How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

If I had a small number of corrupted files I would be tempted to work on it til I found a way to fix them. But you have a lot of them. I think you need to do either a Windows repair or reinstallation.

I guess , I will make OS reinstall tomorrow. If any bright idea comes into someone`s mind, please share.. :confused:


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