sound distortion after sleep/standby


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When I bring my Windows 7 Home Premium desktop out of sleep or hibernation, all the normal system sounds play in a distorted manner. If I reboot, then the sounds play normally. I have an on board 5.1 HD 6 channel audio codec and have removed the driver, then got Win 7 to find the latest driver (Microsoft) but that makes no difference.
On my purchase order details I find:
Microsoft UAA Function Driver for High Definition Audio Adi 1986. If I try to play anything in my media folder all I get is a distorted hiss, I can't detect any 'music' at all.
I don't have a spare PCI slot to fit a sound card so I would like to find the reason for this on board audio problem but not sure what to do next!
any pointers would be great.

I had this problem recently and found (somewhere) a workaround of stopping then re-starting the AudioEndpointBuilder service.
I made this four-line batch file which does the job

net stop audioSrv
net stop AudioEndpointBuilder
net start audioSrv
net start AudioEndpointBuilder

Hopefully useful to others, even years after the original post.


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Thank you so much for updating your post with the answer, even after all these years. I am having the exact same problem and your solution works perfectly!

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