Sound Driver Help Needed

Hi all ppl... Well, actually i just installed windows 7 in my desk PC, and i have the trouble of the audio drivers. I got a VIA chipset VT8235, and in VIA web, i couldnt find drivers support for my sound card. If some one knows something about or know some one with same trouble, plz i need the help. thx anyway.

it would help to give us the manufacturer name and actual model of you mobo please

System Manufacturer: VIA Technologies
System Name: P4M266-8233
Mainboard Vendor: MSI

that's all you need? thank you for answering.

i have just taken a look at MSI's website and thats a pretty old mobo, I had to delve into the archives to find it and it doesn't look good in getting a driver to work for your on-board audio.... I am going to suggest to that you might want to think about getting an PCI addin sound card something along the lines of an Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 or better do not get a sondblaster live or audigy 1 these cards are not supported under windows 7 and a buggar to install and get going via third party drivers

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