Windows 7 Sound help


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Jan 19, 2009
Well, I finally managed to install it- but to my dismay i found the sound was not working! Please help Link RemovedLink Removed

I have the same problem. I can get the sound to work, but at reboot, back to no sound. Here's is how I get the sound to work. First delete your sound controller in the Device Manager, then scan for changes. Mine chip is AC'97. If I click on 'Sounds' It tells me what your screen is telling you 'no devices installed' If I click on it again, usually nothing happens. Then if I go to the device manager and try to remove the AC'97 support, it won't remove, so you have to uninstall it first-rescan-then when you click on 'Sounds' you will see your devices are there. Maybe somebody real smart out there will have a solution.