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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by lexx, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Have problem with no sound Windows 7 Pentium 4, 2GB Ram, 1 TB hard drive. All of sudden I have no sound. The connection are the same as when I had sound the day before. Nothing has changed that I am aware of unless an upgrade from Microsoft change something. But I do not remember a recent upgrade in the last two days that I am aware of. I have check the sound card, the speakers all say they are working, Creative SB Audigy 2 WDM, Hauppauge Win TV PVR PCI II encoded, SoundMax Integrated Digital audio. Have performed a test on the speakers there is no sound from the speakers as I perform the test. I have selected the update on sound card all updated. I have check the mute on speakers and on my receiver not muted. My sound card is 9600ATI Radeon. Can anyone help? Is there something I am not checking? Thank you in advance. Lexx
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    It is a little strange that something works one day and not the next, so I will start by making sure you have checked the physical connections and power sources for the speakers.

    Do you see any updates for your devices in Windows Update?

    Does the Device Manager show any problems with one of your sound devices?

    If you right click the speaker icon and select play back devices, do yours show up and the speakers show as default? Have you looked at the Properties and Configuration buttons to see if anything shows up there?

    Do you get any sound from a headset?

    Do you have any other external sound devices you use?

    Have you run any programs/games that might want to alter the sound properties?

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