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Windows 7 Sound issue


New Member
Jan 21, 2009
My speakers were working fine until the other day now they are not. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Some more details would be a great help in solving this one... No sound at all? check to see if the speakers are muted. If that's not the problem, then try turning the volume up if you have a volume control on your keyboard... Other than that, can you be more specific?
Speakers are on, set for 80% volume. They just stopped working the other day. They were working fine before that but now nothing. Any ideas guys?

I would try rolling back the driver, and if that doesn't work, go to the manufacturer of the computer's website(or the sound card) and re download the vista drivers from there. Then install them from the control panel --> sound applet.
I turned up the volume from 66% to 80 % and now they are working. Where do I find the mute option in win 7, please?

same place as vista... click on the speaker icon in the notification area, it's the blue speaker image underneath the volume slider.
I have never used vista. Can you be more specific please?


ok, I see it.
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yeah, it's the old "why doesn't my wifi work" b/c the hardware switch is off trick :) LOL