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I am using a logitech USB headset which works on Windows 7 Professional edition, however I have an issue with the reliablity of the sound.

there are 2 parts to this issue:

If I right click on the speaker Icon by the clock and click playback devices, the headset shows in the list correctly, and I can click properties in this box.
If I then edit any of the settings in the properties for the headset, (e.g. disable exclusive mode, disable enhancements, change the icon for the device), then click apply and then OK. I can then go back into the properties box and NONE of the changes have been saved.

If I am browsing using internet explorer (or firefox, or even HTML messages with web-based pictures in outlook) and listening to music, or talking on the VoIP phone system (Skype & Swyx).
When I scroll down using the scroll bar on the right hand side or using the scroll wheel on the mouse, I hear a clicking sound (not a windows sound, it still does it if all windows sounds are disabled, it is more an interuption of the sound from the headset). It may then suddenly go silent whilst scrolling, or it may go into a hissing white noise sound.
The solution to this is to scroll up and down until the corrrect sound returns.

this causes big issues when I am trying to have a phone call with a customer and provide support information from internet explorer!

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve either of the issues, (preferably the second one, I can live with the first one as it works!!)

Thanks very much in advance



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Are there any other utillities that control the headset and may be over riding your setting changes?

Have you checked for drivers for the motherboard sound, or for the headset? I am starting to think I like the old analog sound, which might require an audio driver or something. At least I think it is analog!


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There are no other applications controlling the sound settings. I can close all but the anti-virus and still have no success.

This happens whether it is logged onto the domain or a local account, also if I remove the PC from the domain.

I have looked on the Logitech Website for any drivers for the headset (Logitech USB Headset H330) and there is nothing on their site, they state that there are none available.

When I click on the headset in device manager and tell it to update drivers it checks everywhere including windows update and then says that the drivers are up to date.

I have found that the settings for the sound card can be edited (and changes kept) in the registry, however I have only managed to change the device name and the declaration of which type of device it is, neither of which are much use in anything but proving that things can be changed. All the other settings are a lot more complicated and I havent found any documention on it.

As a result of that information, I though it could be an access permissions folder so I have tried disabling UAC, Setting the user to Administrator Rights (I am global domain admin anyway so it shouldnt have made a difference), Remvoing the PC from the domain none of which have had any luck in allowing these settings to be changed.

I have also had no luck solving the problems for the sound cutting out when scrolling through internet explorer as yet.

I have even gone to the extreme of fitting ferrites to both ends of the headphone cable to ensure it is not external interference causing an issue.

any ideas would still be greatly appreciated.



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