Sound jacks at the back can not recognize the speakers in windows7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by ismail, May 4, 2010.

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    Hi everybody.

    I recently install Windows7 and everything works fine but when i pluged the speakers at the back of the computer, it says there is no speaker or headphone is connected. If i pluge the same speaker to the front jack it will recognize it as a headphone. It was working with visat perfectly as it is 5.1 system.

    I visit Asus webside and there is no Windows 7 driver for that motherboard but Vista. Windows 7 found the driver for High defination sound but when i try to install vista driver, it gives me awarnign saying this driver version does not support Windows 7.

    I actually thing that the problem is not the driver related but it might be the software of the sound which I couldnt intall yet.

    Do you have any idea what i can try to get sound from the back jack in 5.1?

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    Is this Realtek HD?

    If it is a built-in Realtek HD sound, you may want to completely uninstall the audio software from the Control Panel altogether and just use the regular Windows compatibility drivers, which work fine. I found that after installing Realtek HD audio drivers on some systems, it would only detect the digital import jack and USB devices. It would not pick up on analog sound using regular audio cables.

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