Sound Not Switching Between Headphones and Speakers Options

Originally, my speakers were not playing any sound, but when I plugged in my headphones, I could hear it. I tried going to Control Panel > Sounds and then chose my speakers to be the "Default device." Now, my speakers work, but when I plug in my headphones, the sound still plays through the speakers and not through the headphones. So basically, I think the problem is that the computer cannot switch between the two without me setting one to be the permanent default one.

I have an HP Pavilion dv2911us.

Another interesting point to note is that the Quickplay strip doesn't seem to be working normally. When I press the mute button, it mutes the sound, but it doesn't turn red. This also happens when I try to adjust the volume. The volume changes, but the thing that pops up to show the current volume doesn't change. I don't really care too much that these don't seem to work 100% correctly, but maybe it may be helpful to know in order to figure out what's wrong.

I greatly appreciate any help that is offered.

It sounds like your sound driver is corrupted. Go HP's website and down load the latest sound driver for your laptop. Just select your OS type and then follow the screen prompts. That should fix you up.

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Thank you so much! That worked!

Just a note to anyone else who tries this solution: I have Windows 7, but since HP doesn't have any Windows 7 drivers for my laptop model, I just installed the Windows Vista driver. Even though it didn't seem to install properly, I restarted the computer and it worked!

Glad to here you got it working. As a general rule of thumb, if there are no 7 drivers then usually the Vista drivers will do the job as you have found out.

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