sound not working after a while


I am having a problem with my sound card that is getting to me... the problem is after leaving the computer for a while without playing any music i cannot start playing until i restart the laptop... I have tried to restart windows audio services to see if it gets working but it fails and when i try to disable any of the sound adapters in the sound properties the windows freezes....

I have two physical sound card one built in too motherboard and the other a usb 7.1 channel sound card, i also have installed SRS Audio Sandbox which gives me a virtual sound card.. i am running windows 7 Ultimate X64..

I would like to be able to stop having to restart because it get incredible irritating to have to restart, does anyone know how I would go about to prevent this??

Thank You

Having the same problem

I am also having the same problem. But i know the culprit to be SRS Sandbox. If you uninstall it, im sure you will stop having that problem. I am trying to see if perhaps if anyone knows of a workaround to get SRS sandbox working on Win7 X64. Ive tried versions 1.7 and 1.9 of this software and it still crashes.


thanks for the reply

i just been reading and i see that it is a common problem with x64.... I also read on one forum that by uninstalling the high definition audio driver, it started working... i know the generic microsoft audio driver for my built in sound card is high def which only comes installed with x64 not x32... so for now i disabled in device manager and going to see if it crashes still...

i also read on another that maybe by installing the x32b on the x64 it worked not sure though...

i will let you know


As of last week, SRS did not have a version of SRSAS which was compatible with Windows 7, 64 bit. They even gave me back my money stating that a fix was due but not for a few months.
My issue was no audio after installing SRSAS. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall to get audio back...sorry this is not better news.
BTW - tried working in Vista mode with no success...all versions that were available were tried unsuccessfully. I was running on HP Pavilion desktop.

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