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Hi Guys,

I've been trying to fix this problem for a few days now. I reformatted from XP a few days ago and am now running Windows 7. Ever since then I have not been able to get sound from my Altec Lansing speakers. However, if I plug in my logitech USB headphones they seem to work.

I have read a lot of threads, most suggesting I download/install the Universal Audio Architecture and RealTek High Definition Audio device driver, which I have tried and have not worked.

When I go into Manage Audio Devices, I only view "Digital Audio S/PDIF - high definition audio device, ready". I have show disabled devices and show disconnected devices already checked. If I'm playing music on youtube without my headphones, despite hearing no sound, the sound mixer at the bottom shows changing levels of audio.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Are you using the same plug for the sound? If not, how is your system set up and what plugs are you using?

The speaker connection is a standard 3.5mm connector into the audio jack in the back of the computer. The headphones are USB headphones.

This is the same setup as I was using on XP when it worked.


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You might look for a setting that directs the audio to the front or back, and make sure you are using the right jack.

If you go to Control Panel-sound, do you show Speakers as the Default Device? If you click properties, do the jacks agree with what you think they are? Or right click on the speaker icon and select playback devices

Do you have another mixer utility for your system?

The problem is that in my control panel - sounds window, the only device showing even is "Digital Audio S/PDIF - high definition audio device"

Speakers aren't even listed as an option there, so I can't change any properties for them. If I plug my headphones in, then the headphones are added in addition to the digital audio. The headphones are the default when plugged in, otherwise the digital audio seems to be the default.

I haven't installed any other mixer utility since installing windows. Thanks for the help so far, appreciate it!


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See if you can find an audio driver for you motherboard or your system. That will normally fix a sound problem. You threw us a curve with the USB headset.

So I checked my motherboard, it is:
Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5L-MX Rev x.xx

I can't for the life of me find any drivers for it though. Every driver download I seem to find is some "driver robot" which eventually asks me to pay for a driver. Is this standard?

Perhaps I'll keep looking.


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You should be able to get drivers from ASUS. The US site is running very slow right now, but know your socket type, 775 I believe, and go to the download section and walk through the 3 questions, then look for Audio driver and see what it is for exactly.

If you have Realtek HD Audio integrated sound, I have the same issue, updating the drivers from realtek is likely the only solution, however their mirrors take forever to download from and even when it finishes, the zip file is corrupt when I attempt to unzip it. good luck, please post your solution if/when you find it.

Saltgrass, thanks for your help!

I went to asus and downloaded the driver for socket 775 (I never knew the proper socket), and sound seems to work now!

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