Sound problem!!! HELP!!

ok so i been searching for a fix for 2 days and cant find it so now i must ask for help.

as all of u know windows7 got a lazy with the onboard sound for som motherboards and i havent found a fix for it so i found an old sound card from creative and tryed it and i says on their website that it dont got vista*/7 support.

so now im getting pissed and thats why im here asking if any1 can help me out without buying stuff to fix my audio.

sry for bad english

Love Alex


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Think you might be best trying to sort the onboard sound. What motherboard and chipset is it?

Board: Acer RS780HVF

cant c chipset in the belarc search

and the other audio card is

Creative ct4810

i have also tryed latest realtek drivers for both hd and ac´97

thank u for replying

suggest that you perform windows update and check the "optional download" if your sound card has update driver.


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I also face the same problem :(

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