Sound recorder problem

Hi everyone!

When i hit the record button on the sound recorder, the time starts counting but the thin green line doesn't alter in shape as the mic isn't picking up sound. However, the mic is definitely connected cause I can here my voice through the speakers as I speak to it or tap on it. When i stop the recording and then playback, there's nothing to be heard.

I found a solution but it was for windows XP and I have windows 7 Professional.



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If you right click on the speaker icon and select recording devices, does the microphone show up? There should be a level meter on the right of the window, is it moving? Depending on the type of computer, ports can be changed depending on what might be plugged in or a front or back microphone input could be turned off.

If the microphone is listed in the Recording window, select it and look at properties for any appropriate options.

If you feel posting a picture of your situation might be helpful, you can use the snipping tool to take a picture and then attach it using the paperclip.

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micro1.png micro2.png

The microphone I use is the second in the row. As seen by the picture the level meter is changing when I speak.
The second picture is tho show that the microphone boost is set to max.

However, I still cannot record anything :(


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You might try raising the level and not just the boost.

There is an audio recording troubleshooter under troubleshooter in the control panel.

Do you have any other type of software that might interfere?

If you right click the recording devices window and select show disabled devices, does anything show up?

I raised the level to 100% the boost too.
I tried the troubleshooter but didn't figure out anything.
I don't think that any other software installed in my PC may interfere with the microphone.
If I select show disabled devices nothing extra is showing up..


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I can't see any type of solutions, but many complaints about the Sound Recorder.

It appears the Sound Recorder volume is very low on that green line. You should be able to see it move, but possibly not much.

It might also depend on how sensitive your microphone is. If the input volume is loud enough, it should show something. If, after saving the recording and playing back using Media Player, there is still no sound then I do not know why.

Also it appears you need to start the sound recorder after you plug in the microphone, or at least try restarting it if no volume level is evident.

But I have no good answers for you.

Thanx for the try though.. :)

I have the same problem. Microsoft says they have not had a complaint previously. Another "engineer" is supposed to call me tonight.

Ok David! If you finally find out what's the cause of the problem plz let me know.

A Microsoft technical support manager has (at last) acknowledged several other users have the same problem. A fix will be developed, but it may take two months to be released.

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