Sound stutters resulting Windows to freeze!

Hi guys, I've installed Win 7 Ultimate x86. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I enable my sound card driver and try playing an audio, the audio stutters and the computer freezes. I have to restart, use safe mode to disable the sound card and then use my pc. I've looked all over the net for solutions and these are what I have done so far...

- Downloaded and installed codecs for High Definition Audio Device
- Downloaded and installed Windows 7 x86 compatible driver for my sound card (Creative SB Audigy Value).
- Disabled all audio enhancements
- Changed playback sound to come through speakers (this one automatically happens if I re-enable the sound card).

The problem still persists. :(

I'm pretty tired at this point and have hit a dead end, so any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Nobody willing to help? :(


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Since no one else is commenting I'll put in my meager suggestions.

Does the sound card show any errors in Device Manager?

You could try uninstalling it in Device Manager, reboot and let Windows reconfigure it whether it show errors or not.

I would normally expect this to be a driver issue but you already covered that.
Is the top driver on this list the one you are using?

Creative Worldwide Support > Audigy Value
I really don't have any other ideas, if it does it in Safe Mode that would seem to rule out conflicts.

When you say any sound do you mean that it does this just playing windows sounds, not connected with Media Player or anything like that.

I will say that in my experience sound is the one place I've had problems with new Windows 7 installs.
I've run into several where sound didn't work after installation, while everything else did.

I tried to get one computer's sound working for several days with no luck, finally I unplugged the speakers and plugged them back in and it started working.

I have no idea why, the speaker wires were never touched during the install process and they were working before the installation.

Sorry I can't be more help but that's all I've got.


Thanks. I fixed the issue. Reinstalled Win 7 again and installed the updated driver. It solved the problem but made room for another one! Last night I set windows to do the necessary updates and went to bed. Woke up and found my PC frozen up. Restarted windows and it again froze on the main welcome menu (on the "Please Wait" phase). Tried safe mode and it did some updates in the welcome menu and restarted automatically. And this time, again, windows started normally and froze in the welcome menu. I then went ahead and removed my soundcard and now everything works just fine. Went in Device Manager and saw instead of two "HD Audio Device" there is one HD Audio Device and one new ATI HD Audio Device. Like one got replaced or something. Finally... I have now installed the updated driver for my soundcard again. But now I get static noise instead of sound. No freezes so far though.


Fixed it myself at long last. Hope there isnt any more **** ups. *fingerscrossed*

I'm not using Windows Update anymore.

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