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    i have a sound card, sb audigy. suddenly it is not working. i see in the mixer the volume is indeed going up an down, but no sound. when i tried to update drivers, it tells me it found the drivers but cannot install them. [now it says the driver software is installed, it still is not working tho.]

    my computer may be behaving a bit off too, tho not sure.

    any ideas?

    [i re-booted multiple times, and now it is working again - any idea why this would behave this way? do i perhaps have a virus? i scanned using kaspersky and malwarebytes and found nothing]
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    first, open computer. remove sound card. check, clean, reinstall. If problem persists, reboot the computer. press "delete" on the keyboard a couple times. this will allow you to enter the bios. set the bios to "optimized defaults". Save. Exit. You should be OK. If the sound still does not work re-enter the bios and look for sound card related settings. Once again, save and exit.

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