Sound switchbox not detected.

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    Hi Crew, hope you are having a good day.

    I have a problem with my speakers; windows does not recognise them as being plugged in.

    I run them trough a switchbox, a little device that let me plug in different sound sources to its different channels, and then lets me choose witch of these channels to forward to my speakers. So, the cable from my line out on the computer goes to the switchbox, and the speakers is then connected to the box. But, as windows does not recognise it as a speaker, it will not send any sound. If I unplug the box and connect the speakers directly to the computer, windows understands that the speakers are plugged in, and the speakers works just fine. However, since I have a lot of different media devices and I want them all on the same speakers, it a real bother to manually reconnect the cable every time i switch between TV, cdplayer, PS3 or whatever.

    On the very same computer I also run Ubuntu. When using Ubuntu, there is no problem with he sound, and I use the same audiojack and run it trough the box. So, the speakers and the box is working just fine.

    Ive spent the latest hour or so updating drivers, codecs and windows and so, just to make sure that they are all up to date.

    So, how do I solve this? Ive tried to disable this speaker detection feature, since it should fix it, but I cant find how to do it. Is there perhaps a way to tell windows that the speakers themselves are not directly plugged in? Can I override this feature, can I perhaps foorce windows to send sound through the jack eve if it does not think there is any speakers there?

    Kind regards,

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