Sound Trobule (.wav files)


I am having difficulties play .wav files. I can play them in the Sounds and Audio menu. I ahve tried it on two cards, Integrated Realtek and a C-Media.

When, I run the file on Windows Media Player, It says no codec is avaiable for this file. When I use a voice clip on MSN 8.0, it does not play, and when you save it saves as a .wav file. Also, when I use a program like Ventrilo, the files do not come through either. I am thinking it is either a setting error OR I need a codec for that file.

Plaease Help

Yeah, me too! I transferred all my data from the old Windows 98 PC and Vista can't play the .WAV files. Why no fix 1 year on?




Can someone chime in with how to fix the problem with playing wav files in Vista?



Having the same problem. What's with Vista anyway?!?

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