Umm guys, I need help. I am using a laptop running windows 7, all along my sound was fine. However , today, i accidently spilled my drink on the keyboard, i wiped it away fast, but after restarting my computer, my sound was not working, my computer detected sound, and everything could be played, however the sound never came out. I used speakers and earphones to see if it was a big problem, and i think it is. The sound didn't come from the speakers and earphones too. Help please?

Help please

Since you say you split your drink on your laptop, you may infact rendered the speakers inoperable, that is damaging the speakers beyond the point of working correctly. The only way to really tell is to take it apart and verify, if you're comfortable with that, or take it to a repair shop for further analysis and recommendations.

Oh, but if that is so, how is my speakers and earpieces affected?

It's a laptop...everything is so close together on the PCB....depending on where the chips are on the PCB in relation to the doesn't take much. You're very lucky the laptop is working at all period.


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I agree with bassfisher. Liquid on the keyboard flows down in 1 second, and a computer is not amphibious. You've probably blown the part of "sound out" on your computer.

Not knowing your computer, there may be a possibility of another output for sound, but I would recommend to take it to service. Even if you get it to work now, can you trust it? I foresee future problems. There's probably liquid / moisture inside the computer, and it's very hard to tell what it can cause.

Best of all.

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