Windows 7 Soundblaster Audigy SE


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Feb 3, 2009
Alright so I get sound and drivers for the card installs just fine. I install the software the CD has on it like graphics equalizers,EAX settings and all kinds of other sound adjustment stuff.

Everything seems to be fine for a few days but after awhile I get error pop ups that say (The audio device supported by this application is not detected. The application will exit.) I got this in vista and xp as well but never this quick. Usually took a few days.

Has anyone experienced this issue? It's annoying, cause when that software does work and i can change up my EQ I can hear a huge difference.

Thanks and Take care folks.

ill take that as a no.. hehe

I know this is a few months old, but I've actually been having the same problem. First it seemed it was disabling when the PC went into sleep mode. I disabled sleep mode, and it still happens. It uninstalls the sound card and enables "multimedia controller" which cannot find any drivers. I uninstall the controller and restart which seems to clear it up for a little while. It's quite irritating..