Soundcard drivers wont work


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Hey, i have already installed windows 7 Rc build 7100 on my Hp dv9000 laptop with no issues... However when i put it on my older Hp Pavilion a310n Desktop, Windows 7 didnt find the drivers for the soundcard and the action center says that there are no solutions... I tried downloading the drivers for it manually, but have had no luck in getting the sound to work...

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated ;)

Windows 7 RC build 7100 32 Bit
Hp pavilion a310n onboard soundcard

What driver did you download was it for Vista or Seven? If it's for vista try to go to device manager uninstall the driver for your soundcard then right click the downloaded driver .exe and select run in compatibility mode for Vista Sp2.


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duh, :) forgot to do that, man am i a dumb, thanks i will try that


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nope, still doesnt work even with the compatibility thing... :frown: as for which drivers..

The action center says that the sound card is Yamaha Onboard sound system (YMF724F)

but says that there are no compatible drivers for this version of windows (Windows 7)

Were these vista drivers?
Often times integrated sound and video solutions never recieve a driver update for new OS, especially for older hardware.
The manufacturers just don't feel like it's worth developing drivers for hardware that they no longer sell. I've done a little googling (not alot) and I'm not seeing any drivers even for Vista, few XP drivers can be made to work under 7.

The good news is that a cheap sound card can be had for less than 40.00 alot less if you really try.Just ideally wait for one that claims to work in 7, if not anything recent that works in vista should be okay.


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its looking like thats going to have to be the way to go, :frown:

Thanks for the help man, much appreciated. :)

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