Windows 7 Soundmax 5.1 surround


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May 31, 2009
Hi all,

I just installed W7, I'm pretty happy about it (although I am a Linux fan). There is just one thing that doesn't run well. Soundmax 5.1.
On Windows XP, I had a driver installation including a great tool to setup the 5.1 This doesn't work in 7.

My integrated sound card has 3 jacks, mic, stereo and line-in. These three jacks must be used for surround. I'm not joking, it worked in XP and still works in Linux.

7 recognizes the rear (line-in) and sub/mid (mic) as mic and line-in. How should I fix this, if it's possible?

By the way, I always felt like an idiot on Windows, not being able to do anything, limited in everything. On seven, I feel just fine :D

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Whoa, this forum looks like ubuntu forums!
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