SoundMax drivers for ICH5 (875P LSR FIS2R)

Hey Guys ))

A friend of mine is looking for a driver for his newly installed Win7 system (x32)

The drivers we have work in XP SP3, but dont seem to want to work in Win7.

The board is an MSI Neo2 875P LSR-FIS2R the drivers needed are for a
"ADI SoundMax Drivers for ICH5"

I was hoping one of you guys would know where is the best place to look for them?

i found some by going through Asus's website for my SoundMax ADI AD1988B HDAudio chip by finding a newer board with the same audio chip and win7 drivers but for a board that old i think you maybe SOL in finding a win7 driver for the AD1980 /AD1985 chip you have


Cheers, Ill drop them round to him and see...

I saw the chip is on the compatable list on the microsoft site, but Im not sure if there are drivers.

He has used the XP drivers (loaded though run as compatable with XP) but the sound is distorted...

yeah mine did use ms drivers at install but i like the one above better has a better control panel and is more configurable aswell

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