Soundmax DTS using SPDIF Striker II Formula

I'm kind of new around here but i've been readin the forums for a bit now, i see a lot of problems with DTS and sound cards, and i'm having the same issues.

I'm useing my SPDIF port on the back of my board that supports DTS and has worked in the past
with windows xp 64 bit..

Then I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit. I can play movies and such files that are already "coded in dts format" but can no longer play my games useing DTS.
I understand that the SPDIF uses 2 channels and such, i've tried more than a few drivers, even tried the "hacked ones" that people got to work with vista64..

I was wondering if anyone had the same bored with the same issues that has found a working solution?

I did gather a lot of info from this forum :
ADI SoundMAX 86/88/A/B/89,Xonar [6480/6520/6570][26-09-2009] •

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What are you plugging in the optical cable into?

A set of PC speakers or a home theater receiver.

I'm connecting it to a Home Theater Receiver (JVC) that supports DTS and all the others in 5.1


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I have the same type setup.

The only thing I can think about is to change the input signal on the receiver................maybe to AUX, DVD, TV, etc. Just try them all. If you have multiple optical ins on the receiver try switching those too.

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