Soundmax Microphone troubles

Hello Fellow Win 7 users

Ever since I installen Win 7Rc I cant seem to get my microphone to work. I had the same problem on my XP installation and fixed it by unticking the Forward plugs in my Soundmax configuration screen. But in Win 7 I cant seem to find the option. It used to be in the config screen under Microphone. But sadly no longer.

If any one could help me out here it would be much apreciated.



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Hello and welcome.

I tried a search on your motherboard specs and could not even locate a Vista driver for this audio device.

the XP driver will not work in Windows 7.

How old is this computer?

The computer is about 4 years old.

But the XP drivers do most certainly work in Win7. The sound apart from the Microphone problem is perfect.


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That's a rare occurrence the the XP driver works, but obviously it's not working correctly.

Have you visited the manufacturer's site for updated drivers?

Being 4 years old I highly doubt they will write a Windows7 driver. The web cam has probably been discontinued by now.

You could always shoot them off an e-mail asking about Windows 7 support.

Your probably right there. Though I had the exacts same problem on Windows XP. Ile try one more thing and then its probably of to the hardware shop for a new soundcard.

After some further Tinkering i managed to get it to work.

Heres the solution:

Step 1 let Win7 detect your Soundmax onboard card.
step 2 go to this site ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and click download. It will auto detect your motherboard settings. Select windows Vista.
Step 3 Reboot.
Step 4 and presto it now works.

I even managed to get it to work with ventrilo and the Win7 dictate function.


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glad you got it:)

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