sp1 for windows 7 encountering error

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    i have have ran the system readiness tool and even scannow .the scan showed no integrity violations but the checksure log showed 16 corruptions.i have my updates set to automatic .ive tried almost everything i believe even disabling my antivirus and downloading the sp1 for windows 7 manually keep getting same error ..i didnt get a windows 7 disk with this computer . i made a factory default disk but i believe that the problem lies within the customization and bloatware added to this system from the manufactorer ..i will add a log snapshot showing the results of the srt .if any 1 has any suggestions ...please feel free

    thx rob

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    Hello robc and Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. If you check this link or this one you may find your answer. Good Luck
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    When I had a problem that would not install certain updates on W7, not SP1. I was told by MS technet to do a repair install of W7, this worked for me. However one caveat. it took a long time (4 hours Plus) to do this, because you then must install all updates, but in your case you would need only to install SP1 and any updates that occurred after SP1. I also had to re-activate a couple of programs after the repair install.
    Here is instructions for doing a repair install
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