SP1 has removed Aero

Hi, I'm running Vista Ultimate and I've just installed SP1. Upon restart the Aero scheme I was running has disappeared. And it's not in the options when I go to my desktop display properties either.

I've checked the Performance Indicator and I scored 5.9 in both the graphics sections (I'm running an Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 gfx card) and my base score was 5.3.

I did some Googling and decided to update my driver from the NVidia site - again this hasn't fixed it. So...any ideas?

My CPU is an Intel E6600 (dual core) fwiw.

Thanks for your help! Cheers.


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you can troubleshoot aero problems here:
Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero - Windows Vista Help

If that fails try this command prompt:

rundll32 dwmapi.dll,DwmEnableComposition

Post back if your still getting issues

Hi kemical,

Thanks for your help. I checked through the link you gave me, but there was nothing in there that I could do: I've already updated my drivers, and refreshed my performance score, so I'm really stuck.

I didn't understand your second set of instructions I'm afraid; could you please tell me what you mean about running a command line for the rundll stuff. Do you mean open the cmd box, and typing in what you had written exactly? Because I tried that and nothing happened. Thanks.


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Just on the offhand is dwm running? I have dwm stop on me a few times. I have a program called Tweakvista that I use to get dwm to start again. But, I do not know what the command line is to start it again.

Hi GillsMan

I found that when installing SP1 in Ultimate that Aero had been turned off.
However I just went Control Panel>personalization>Windows Colour & Appearance>click link "open classic appearance prop....">When "appearance settings" comes up, ensure you have "vista aero" selected in colour scheme. If not select and click apply.


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Glad you got it running again. Every once in a while a Vista problem is easy to fix.

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