(SP1)Not Detecting Drivers, Programs Not Running HELP!!!!

Hello I am using a Toshiba Laptop i had recently Downloaded SP1 for vista and it will not detect my dvd drive. It is updated to the most recent driver. I cant even play my games so i went to the restore point because i got mad because i could not play my games. Can anyone help me out please...I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on a Toshiba Laptop. If you need any more information let me know...

Thanks for you help.


Hi Jsjgamer

There are several things you can try

First check the driver in Control Panel>Device Manager>DVD/CD-ROM>Your player>Driver and then click on Update Driver. If this does not work at the same page click Roll Back Driver and see if this works. If neither works look up the Manufacturer Support pages for your DVD/CD Drive and see if there is a newer driver there. Another thing to try is to ask windows to search for a driver.


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Check the laptop makers website as there may be firmware updates ect..

I've also deleted your double post. Please only ask one question in one area as the same people will read it anyway

If you haven't tried this yet, go to device manager select your DVD drive and delete it. It will ask you are you sure and click yes, reboot and it should find new hardware and install drivers.
Hope this helps :cool:

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