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First observation

On one of the fora I regularly visit (it is: ) I can't stay logged in. After logging in and switching to a sub menu I am logged out again :oops:
Neither IE, nor Chrome, nor Firefox does this, this is new behaviour of Spartan or a bug.

And it does not (yet) remember account information.

BTW the 'Inprivat - navigation' option has gone.....
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- Spartan seems to ignore the webpage to start with in settings
- I can't find a 'Home' option
- Google Earth plugin (needed for Flightradar24 Cockpit view) won't install, but that is possibly a Google problem
- Could not select a search engine other than Bing
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I'm seeing the same things.

Once I get to the Microsoft home page it's kind of all down hill from there.

After a short period of time the screen starts to blink and then it just goes blank.