Windows 7 SPDIF Passthrough


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Jan 16, 2013

I have this monitor:

The specs show an SPDIF out and is supposed to pass the digital signal through as long as it is connected via the HDMI cable.

The problem is, however, when I connect it to my 5.1 digital speaker system, which has a built in decoder, it shows that the digital signal is not being passed through the SPDIF output on the monitor. I have also tried turning off the 5.1 decoder to see if the signal is already being processed, to no avail.

Is anyone familiar with this monitor or this situation and can offer me some help?

Thanks very much!
That link does not work. You need to use the link buttons (the globe and chain link icon) to enter the link or provide the exact model number of the monitor so we can check out the monitor manual - which is where I suggest you look too.

What shows you don't have a digital signal on the output of the monitor? How do you know audio is being sent to the monitor via HDMI? Note HDMI is not a native computer technology and often only carries the video.
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