speaker "pop" after sleep mode

Since upgrading to 7, everything seems to be OK except when coming out of sleep mode, the speakers make a popping noise which was never the case in Vista. I've checked and the audio drivers in device manager report up to date status. Anyone else having this issue and was it fixed?

Having the same issue, with a speaker pop when coming out of sleep in Windows 7. Haven't found a fix yet....

RESOLVED - speaker pop w/ Win7 64-bit

I was finally able to solve this problem with an updated SoundMax driver. I had tried several versions. Some changed the symptoms but this one appears to have completly resolved my crackling and pop after wakup problems.

Pulled this driver off of the ASUS ftp server:


Despite the name of the file, the actual version of the driver in this file is:


Note: The download kept failing for me via browser. I had to use my FTP client (filezilla) to get a succesful download.

Joe Van

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