Windows 7 Speaker Repair


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I have a pair of speakers like these:

On which the power/volume control on the right side of the primary speaker no longer works...that is that it no longer works for volume, but still works as a power switch. It was cutting in and out, either changing volume or losing volume altogether, so I thought that some contact cleaner sprayed into the potentometer might didn't, in fact all that can be heard on it now is a low hum.

I contacted Creative to see if I could purchase a new potentiometer, but they don't sell them. As far as I have been able to find elsewhere, none seem to be designed in a fashion that would make them a good replacement, primarily because the current switch is soldered to the PCB on short metallic stilt-like legs.

Since the old switch still controls power, I was wondering if I could drill a new hole in the side of the case to accommodate a new switch, which somehow could bypass the old one for volume control? To do that, it would need to be connected in some fashion to the old control. I imagine that for someone truly talented in electronics this wouldn't be too difficult, but all that I'm certain about as far as my talents is being able to drill and mount the new control.

I know that it would be a lot easier to just buy a new set, but $90.00 is somewhat more than I would like to pay. I know that there are cheaper speakers than these, but the ones that I know about don't sound nearly so good.


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Okay, since no one seems to have any advice about the repair, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to shine any light on another options? I found some speakers (Creative T10) which are less than half the price of the T20:

Obviously, the price is indicative of a lesser quality speakers, but I'm trying to determine exactly what the compromise would be? Some things are obvious by looking at the photo, like style, lack of front output ports, one less knob to adjust tone, but from there I'm not certain. The bottom line is the actual quality of the sound it will produce, and I think the only way to know, without being able to hear them side by side, is if someone has had hands on experience with both, and can offer their opinion?

I prefer Logitech 2.1 speakers for my bang for the buck for sound quality. I have the Z313

Logitech Z313 but you can probably find it cheaper locally.


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Those look like a good value, but for several reasons, I doubt that I would go that way.

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