Windows 7 Speakers "unplug" when a microphone is connected


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Hey everyone, I'm having a very strange problem that I can not for the life of me seem to figure out. I use my Xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor to play games. And I plug the audio into my computer to play it through there and out the speakers. I have an official microsoft converter that came with the 360's VGA cable. Basically it takes the two left and right audio plugs and you plug them in, and the other end is a microphone plug. You just plug it into your microphone jack and use that. This worked perfect in XP. In Vista, it was a bit tougher and I had to use a 3rd party program to get it to play the microphone. In Windows 7 now, it works for a bit, but then mysteriously stops working.

For some reason, I plug it in just like I said above, with the speakers in the speaker jack and the converter in the microphone jack. I go into the Recording Devices window and click properties for the microphone jack, and check "Listen through this device". Boot up my 360 and the sound plays beautifully. However, after about anywhere between 5-20 minutes later, the sound will randomly stop. I go to check my Playback Devices window and it says that the speakers are not plugged in. The only way to get the speakers to work again is unplug the converter from the microphone jack and restart the computer. If I plug the converter back in, the sound will eventually stop working again, even if I'm not using my 360 or playing any sounds.

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried updating all my sound drivers, but no dice.