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Greetings all,

I am wondering it is possible for me to specify which network device a program should use when executed. Currently, I have a wireless and wired connection on my laptop. 99% of the time, I don't care if it is using the wireless and in fact, I'd prefer it since I often have to move around a lot. However, for that 1% of the time I need to do something securely over a wired connection, I would like to not have to disable the wireless device to force it to use the wired connection.

I know about setting the Advanced Settings in the Network Connections screen, but unfortunately, that sets up the priority for all programs. Is there a way to do this with batch commands? Is it not possible?


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I do not think its possible using Windows 7 built in features but there is a program called ForceBindIP that you could use in conjunction with a batch file to achieve this.

ForceBindIP - Bind any Windows application to a specific interfaceUsage: forcebind ip.address.here C:\Path\to\program\here.exe

That should force all traffic for an app to use a specific bound IP address. So using this program in concert with a DHCP option on your router to always assign a specific IP to your laptops LAN and Wireless connection so you always know what IP to bind to should do the trick.


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Thanks. Looks perfect.

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